Resident Bios Page

Peloquin, Peter M.D.

  • Bio (non-medical interests): Tons!
    Current favorites include:
    1. Staring contests with strangers.
    2. Aggressive staring contests with strangers.
    3. Running from strangers post awkward unsanctioned staring contest.
    4. Trying to sneak in kiss on cheek of stranger who is chasing me post unsanctioned staring contest.
    5. Laughing after accidentally kissing mouth of running stranger who didn not like weird staring contest.
    6. Stopping the laughing because it makes it hard to run from stranger who hates you for weirdo staring contest.
    7. Changing course and running straight toward pursuing stranger, collision pending.
    8. Avoiding impending collision with stranger who is chasing you by doing sweet spread-eagle leap over top of stranger,
    catching football in mid-air tossed by med student passing by all while having picture taken, eyes dead on the camera.
    9. Showing sweet spread-eagle over-the-top-of-enraged-now-impressed pursuing stranger football catch picture to wife, who is unimpressed.
    10. Travelling.
    11. Pets. 1
    2. Science.
  • Graduating Year: 2016
  • Areas of interest: Emergency Medicine
  • Hometown/Born In: Chicago, IL
  • Undergrad/degree: Psychology, Tulane University
  • Grad School/degree: Master of Neuroscience, Tulane University. Post-bac Premed Program at Johns Hopkins University
  • Med School: Rush Medical College, Chicago, IL
  • Favorite thing to do in NYC:
    1. Get $0.99 slice of pizza, take it to quiet area, eat the $0.99 slice of pizza.
    2. Go to Central Park.
    3. Admire the beautiful people of mid-town Manhattan, and then cringe when I overhear them talking like people in high-school.
    4. Telling people that I live in NYC, and hearing them tell me it is expensive, then I say I have a cheap 2-bedroom apartment in mid-town, and then watching their reaction,
    which usually involves a surprised reaction because it is unusual to have a cheap apartment in mid-town Manhattan, even surprising.
    5. Not working on random weekdays, and creeping out of my apartment to feel sorry for everybody else who has to work, and then I feel glorious. Simply glorious!